Alanna Collins, RN, BSN, CMP


Washington, DC, USA

photos by: Yuli Ama Luna  


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July 26th- August 4th

Experience. Reconnect. Unplug.

10 days


I am filled with gratitude to offer the experience of a complete medicine Immersion this summer of 2019. The focus of this retreat will be a process called "feitio", the harvesting and making of the oldest and most sacred Amazonian medicine.  Of all my experiences in Brazil, the most profound moment each year is the opportunity to participate in ceremonies in the absolute middle of the jungle. Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, attached to screens of various types. This creates an imbalance in our bodies and minds that is palpable in our high levels of stress and anxiety as a collective. Connection to nature and an awareness of cycles and rhythms are crucial parts of our health that has been overlooked, undervalued, and mostly forgotten. Tuning in with mother nature helps us to tune in to our highest Self. There is a reason why some of the most powerful spiritual beings from the Himalayas of India all the way to the Amazon of Brazil have all spent extended periods of time deep in the forest.  Nature is our greatest teacher. During the process of feitio, we get the chance to experience some of the most potent healing energy concentrated in the heart of the rain forest.  We can use this precious life force prana to silence our minds, unplug from our busy lives, and learn to BE instead of constantly measuring our success by what we DO.  Please join us for this incredible opportunity! 

Adventures' Testimonials:  

"The Amazon Immersion trip with Alanna was definitely the trip of a lifetime for me. I'll have serious difficulties in the future trying to surpass it. This is_NOT_ your typical Amazon medicine vacation, but rather a unique opportunity to join in the daily life of a jungle community that doesn't regularly receive visitors like us. The geographic and jungle exploration aspects of this magical trip alone are so amazing and fulfilling, you will think you got more than you expected. But when you also factor in the sacred teachings and abundant medicinal learning opportunities - which was far more than half of the equation for me - then this trip becomes truly an unprecedented lifetime high. And the cherry on top was the privilege of enjoying Alanna's sure-handed lead, enlightened teachings and care, fun company, and last but not least her delicious super healthy Amazon meals." 

-GC washignton DC

"A sure-footed guide!  Alanna was clear from the beginning that the Amazon has an agenda of its own.  With several surprises along the way, she led us to the fringe of a primal environment.  If you are willing to tune in, powerful lessons and great healing can be found.  Surrounded by a loving and supportive community, I felt safe surrendering to the medicine of the jungle!" 

-K Baltimore, MD 

























Whats included: 

10 days of lodging with 3 vegetarian meals per day, transportation to and from airport, all transportation during retreat, all activities, all medicine offered during harvest and feitio, 5 ceremonies, 1 Kambo frog session. 

Day 1: arrival, opening sharing circle, swimming in river Croa
Day 2:  Cura ceremony

Day 3: feitio begins
Day 4: feitio, clean vine, ceremony
Day 5:  forest hike, ceremony, Kambo
Day 6: rest, integration sharing 
Day 7: hike to Sacred Samauma Tree, Rape' circle
Day 8: feitio, ceremony, river swim
Day 9: collect leaves, boat ride to other areas
Day 10: closing integration circle, final ceremony

**This is a tentative schedule, and is flexible depending on the needs of the group. Please be advised that all plans are subject to change depending on weather and other uncontrollable factors. Your understanding and flexibility is expected and appreciated. We are looking to provide a balance between structure with enough integration and relaxation time. This is an immersion to unplug from our screens, unwind from our schedules, and receive the true healing energy of the amazon forest.** 

Description of Croa: 

Croa is the name of a river outside the city of Cruzeiro do Sul, in the state of Acre, Brazil and is where we will stay for part of the trip. It is about 1 hr drive from the airport. This is an enchanted land in the middle of the jungle right on the river with butterflies, hummingbirds, medicines, fruit trees, and all the sounds of the forest (kambo frogs and MANY others!). Even though we will be in a natural setting, the space is fully equipped to receive westerns like ourselves from abroad. Accommodations are simple but comfortable with air conditioning, bathrooms, hot showers in the "Posada" or "Inn". Most rooms are shared and fit 1-3 people. 

Description of Ramao: 

Ramao is the name of a place located about 1.5 hours from Croa, further into the forest, with stronger vibration as it is much more isolated. We may or may not travel there during the retreat, we won't know until we arrive as the schedule and location of feitio varies depending on present weather conditions.  Ramao is close to the middle of the jungle, with a beautiful garape' (small river) and plenty of nature trails near by. It is walking distance to where we will go into the forest to do the harvest. We will all stay in 1 house located there with shared communal space. These accommodations will be more basic, using hammocks either on the veranda or together inside one of the rooms. Although it is modest there is clean running water, bathrooms, and outdoor showers available. During these days of the retreat the focus is on collecting the medicines and the community is working almost day and night. We will participate and witness lots of the process, but as visitors we will also have plenty of time to rest, relax, and enjoy the surroundings . 


About Feitio and the Ceremonies: 

During the harvesting and cooking process, medicine is offered through out the day. When we go into the forest, everyone present is welcome to drink, this includes all the people working and all visitors. How ever, please know this is OPTIONAL. During the feitio, ceremonies or "works" as they call them, can happen almost every night or every other night. Again, these are OPTIONAL. Each person is encouraged to participate to the extent they feel able and called. This community is part of a specific linage in Brazil where they use songbooks and sing in Portuguese. 
August 14th will be a HUGE celebration. Each year people come from all over Brazil to gather for the Anniversary of Flor da Jurema. This is the date the feitio is centered around. 

**Please note**

This is an immersion to BRAZIL which means if you are a US CITIZEN you will require a VISA if you have never traveled there before. Luckily, this process is quite simple and now there are ELECTRONIC VISAS AVAILABLE. You can complete the entire process online for a total of $44.00. These are valid for 60 days of entry and expire after 1 year. 

**I will send out detailed instructions for the VISA PROCESS and SPECIFIC TRAVEL GUIDELINES for those who confirm their spot by sending a deposit. 


Flight details: The nearest airport is Cruzeiro do Sul, in Acre, Brazil.


Early Bird: sign up prior to April 1st 2019

Deposit: $750

After April 1st 2019

Deposit: $900


Your spot is confirmed after your deposit has been made. Please send all deposits through paypal at alannacollins0902@gmail.com

If you are considering joining us, please send an email.  This will be used to send notifications, travel instructions, details for flights, packing lists, updates etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this information, I am so much looking forward to this adventure!