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Kambo Frog Medicine

Purify. Cleanse. Heal.

Are you currently detoxing? Are you looking to discontinue pharmaceuticals in pursuit of natural healing? The Kambo Frog can help. 


Here's what people are saying: 

"Someone close to me suggested I try Kambo as a spiritual energy cleanse after a tough time I was going through. I must say that the 5 times now that I have participated in a Kambo ceremony with Alanna the medicine has gone deeper and deeper on not only a spiritual level but a physical level. I have been able to stop my allergy medication and sleep medication as well control some unhealthy eating habits. Kambo has opened my awareness to aspects of myself that I was not willing to face and it has helped me face emotional blocks in my life in a more clear way. It has been such a beautiful medicine for me it will continue to be a part of my spiritual journey. I am forever grateful for Alanna."  

-M.K. Arlington, VA

“I feel so grateful that Alanna has been my ally in healing for the past several years. She is a force of positivity and healing. Her expertise and thirst for learning and sharing her wisdom has helped me change decades of negative patterns and live a life of greater awareness and freedom. Change has not been easy; nevertheless, she continues to be a well of support, caring, and inspiration to persevere in my journey.”  

-EZ Silverspring MD

"When I first met Alanna, I was taking the lowest prescribed dose of Effexor.   I had been reducing my dosage over the past couple of years and wanted to discontinue the drug.   Therefore, over the course of the next three months, I continued reducing my daily dose.  During this time, Alanna introduced me to Kambo, a substance secreted by a frog in the Amazon.   The substance has powerful purgative effects and acts to cleans, revitalize, and balance the body.  I used Kambo (three times) while discontinuing the Effexor to help cleanse my body and to purge the drug and other toxins from my body.  Kambo also helped with the emotional volatility, anxiety, and depression associated with discontinuation of Effexor (it is a very difficult medication to quit)."

-JB Washington, D.C. 

General Information:

The Phyllomedusa frog, nicknamed the Kambo frog, is found in the southern Amazon of Acre-Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia and Bolivia.  The frogs have no predators because they contain a powerful venom deadly to most other animals.  Their most dangerous threat is the extensive deforestation of their natural habitat in the Amazon.

It is sometimes referred to as the "frog vaccine" because it is considered a remedy by indigenous people for many illness whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. 


What happens during the process? 

The physical effect is relatively short but very intense. A person will typically feel a strong sensation of heat, dilation of blood vessels, and a fast heartbeat.  It is possible to  become pale and have a drop in blood pressure. Immediately prior to receiving, a person drinks lots of water to assist with the purging process. The medicine pulls toxins out from all parts of the body and usually results in vomiting or diarrhea.  The entire process takes 20-45 minutes and most people feel "back to normal" 1 hour after.  With this release the person feels lighter and cleaner with more energy. These benefits can be felt the day of the treatment and extend to weeks and months following. 

How it's applied: 

Small burns are made to the most superficial layer of skin using a dried vine. The medicine is applied to the open burns to reach directly into the circulatory system for a nearly immediate reaction. Afterwards the medicine is wiped off and an ointment is applied to prevent infection and scarring. 

How its collected:

There are various methods of harvesting the but the way I was trained in Brazil is a method which causes the least  possible amount of stress to the frogs. They are handled with care and only by hand with 2 people present to gently hold the frog while the other person uses a small wood pallet to collect the medicine.  The layer of secretion is collected leaving enough for their natural protection from predators. They are not harmed whatsoever in the process and are returned immediately after the collection to their natural habitat. It is very important to know who is collecting the medicine and how, because if the frogs are not handled or cared for properly this energy gets transferred into the medicine and subsequently to the person receiving it. 


Research has revealed that the frog's secretion contains a series of highly effective substances such as Delmorphin and Deltorphin which belong to the peptides group. These two peptides were unknown before the research with the Kambo frog was started in the 1980's. Dermorphin is a potent analgesic and deltorphin can be applied in the treatment of ischemia. Both of these substances are synthetically produced by many pharmaceutical companies today.  


The Kambo medicine has been known to heal a wide range of conditions. This can be attributed to the healing it brings to the entire body, affecting nearly every organ system. Some examples include healing pain and inflammation, sciatica, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, migraines, chronic headaches, asthma, bronchitis, acne, allergies, gastritis, ulcer, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, circulatory problems, tingling, fluid retention, cholesterol,  hepatitis, cirrhosis, malaria  epilepsy, PMS, menstrual irregularities, infertility, impotence, decreased libido, depression, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, insecurity, nervousness, fear, stress, fatigue, physical exhaustion,  addiction, mental and emotional detoxification. 

Preparation and Post Care:  

To receive maximum benefit, it is important to eat as clean of a diet as possible before and after the process. This means eating whole foods, grains, fruits, green leafy vegetables, and as close to a vegetarian diet as you are able. Avoid alcohol/drugs/sex/processed foods/sweets for at least 3 days prior and 3 days after treatment. These activities decrease our vitality and deplete the energy received from the frog. It is recommended to receive the medicine 3x with in 1 lunar cycle (28 days). 

Kambo Frog Medicine: Service
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