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My Journey of Transformation 

Before I discovered natural medicines, I worked many years as a psychiatric registered nurse in hospital settings, addiction rehabs, with patients ranging from school aged children to elderly adults in hospice.  I realized very quickly that this environment was not in alignment with my values nor my gifts. Discouraged with the western medical establishment, I finally mustered up enough courage to leave this position to live in the Amazon of Brazil and study indigenous medicines and practices. Upon my return I become very ill and felt like I was "dying" or, at least a part of myself was dying to be reborn. This is clear in hindsight but this experience was one of the most challenging periods of my life and simultaneously one of greatest blessings (as this is usually the case if we come to true understanding). I am a lover of medicines, but as far as I can tell, the strongest medicine is LIFE itself. 


​After my recovery after almost 1 year I began facilitating various types of spiritual retreats and healing work. I now support communities in D.C./Virginia area, Asheville NC, Park City, UT, and Chicago, IL.


I consider myself a "forever student" and am constantly traveling to study with teachers from all over the world.  This perspective allows us the greatest possibility to continuously learn no matter how far we have come already, because there is  truly an infinite amount to learn in this life. I have completed years of formal plant medicine dietas in Peru with a Peruvian elder. Each year I study in India for 1-2 months of silent meditation with Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi, an embodiment of Divine Mother and my Beloved Guru.


I also make a yearly pilgrimage to Acre, Brazil to continue my study with a local community and bring westerners to experience healing work in the Amazon.  

During my transition out of traditional nursing, I worked as a therapeutic musician, having had the privilege to play music as people make their transition from the physical to the spiritual world. I am classically trained on guitar, voice, silver flute, and charango (a peruvian folk instrument) and have over 30 original songs. Currently I am involved with music fundraising, festivals, and recording projects to continue to share the music I have received from divine channels.   


Check out my most recent recording of this original "conscious hip-hop" track! 

Emerging 12-1-19
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