Alanna Collins, RN, BSN, CMP


Washington, DC, USA

photos by: Yuli Ama Luna  


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Who I Am and What I Do

Before I discovered natural medicines, I worked many years as a psychiatric registered nurse in hospital settings, addiction rehabs, with patients ranging from school aged children to elderly adults in hospice.  This wide variety provided the necessary experience to learn how to relate to many types of people. The art of relating is one of the most powerful healing tools, and trust between the client and practitioner is the foundation.

I offer a variety of healing modalities and these treatments work seamlessly together.  Psychotherapy is highly individualized and incorporates aspects of meditation, yoga, and therapeutic music. I offer the Kambo medicine for select patients receiving weekly psychotherapy sessions.  I also see many clients who receive the Kambo independently with out psychotherapy and have sessions several times per year. As a practitioner and teacher of yoga for more than 10 years, I interweave yogic practices and principals into all the healing work I offer.  

One of the most precious moments we have is the moment we take our last breath. I have had the privilege to be present during the passage of many lives when I worked previously as a therapeutic musician in hospitals. This was the first time I realized that music had a power far greater than purely for entertainment; it has the power to heal. During ceremonies, individuals are supported with live therapeutic music. 

Some of the greatest treasures I have discovered on my journey are the medicines hidden in the  Amazon rain forest. Each year I spend a significant amount of time in South America to study with teachers, complete rigorous diet processes, and continue my path of self healing, personal growth, and learning.