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Retreats to the Amazon: Service

Amazon Immersion:
Medicine Making & Temple Consecration

August 4th-17th 2022


"We who were once lost, departed, and separated have touched the truth and now walk the path home, as whole beings." If you have experienced the depth, mystery, and healing nature of grandmother Ayahuasca and are called to deepen your relationship with this medicine and her origin, join us for a once in a lifetime journey into the Amazon for this special retreat offering.

 This is a time for you to experience the heart of the Amazon, her people, the jungle, and the vine.  In each of us is the desire to return home to our mother, to become whole, and to be of service to a world in need. This is a rare opportunity to connect not only to the medicine but to the place she has called home, since the beginning of time.


We are filled with gratitude to offer this incredible opportunity happening this August 2022 in Acre, Brazil in the middle of the Amazonian jungle. This is a highly unique experience as we will be staying with a local Brazilian community where we will be immersed in their culture, participating in ceremonies, and learning the ancient craft of Medicine Making (Feitio) from some of Brazil’s most experienced  practitioners, including Brazilian Umbadaime facilitator, Davi De Paula. 

This immersion is for anyone who is ready to learn and experience where nad how  this powerful medicine is made and take their connection with ayahuasca to a deeper dimension. 



Consecration of Temple - Truly a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity. Each year we go to Brazil, but a temple can only be inaugurated once. The opening of this temple has been more than 30 years in the making. This event will be an all-night festival, dancing in all white, with live Brazilian ceremony music, and a celebration never to be forgotten. This event will also include initiations into the Santo Daime lineage, along with baptisms, and Alanna & David’s wedding ceremony.  












An incredible opportunity to enter into the forest with a native community to be a part of the process of harvesting ayahuasca vine.  You will see indigenous men climbing trees hundreds of feet high to get to the vines. We will drink Daime in the middle of the forest, enjoy the silence, the sounds of nature, and the sounds of feitio happening all around





Preparation and cleaning of the vine is the main work of feitio, and it takes village! We will be able to participate in this process each day and contribute energy to this sacred work. In addition to the preparation of the vine, we will be harvesting and cleaning chakruna leaves, the other main component of ayahuasca. 













Through out the course of the feito process, we will have the opportunity to participate in traditional Santo Daime ceremonies with live music and singing.  The ceremonies will be held both inside the cooking house where fresh medicine is being made and inside the new temple.











Sample Schedule:



8/4- arrival in Cruzeiro do Sul, settle in at Croa River, opening introductions

8/5- jungle excursion for vine harvest, forest ceremonies

8/6- jungle excursion for vine harvest, forest ceremonies 

8/7- Kambo session PM, hike to Samauma tree, rapè & sananga 

8/8 -temple dance work, clean vine, integration sharing

8/9- rest, clean vine, boat trip 

8/10- collect leaves daytime, ceremony inside feitio house PM

8/11- indigenous tribes host ‘pajèlanca’ ceremony PM

8/12- hikes close to Croa river, boat rides

8/13- Kambo session AM, purchases of traditional arts & crafts   

8/14- OFFICIAL INAUGURATION CEREMONY- white clothes, dancing work, all night celebration

8/15- rest 

8/16- closing ceremony, integration circle & packing

8/17- departure from Cruzeiro do Sul

This is a tentative schedule and is flexible depending on the needs of the group. Please be advised that all plans are subject to change depending on weather and other uncontrollable factors. Please note that finding the Kambo frog is not guaranteed and is dependent on unpredictable external factors including temperature/weather etc. Your understanding and flexibility is expected and appreciated.  










This is an enchanted land in the middle of the jungle right on the river with butterflies, hummingbirds, medicines, fruit trees, and all the sounds of the forest (kambo frogs and MANY others!). Even though we will be in a natural setting, the space is fully equipped to receive westerns like ourselves from abroad. Accommodations are simple but comfortable with single beds, air conditioning, bathrooms, and showers in the "Posada" or "Inn". All room will be shared. 

Deliciously healthy vegetarian meals will be provided with local foods and organic produce. We will enjoy soups, salads, vegetables, quinoa, "tapioca" (a local staple) fresh juices, and many other tasty treats.  Food allergy restrictions will be accommodated for anyone with sensitivities.

Whats included: 

13 days of lodging

5-4 ayahuasca ceremonies

1-2 Kambo treatments

 2-3 vegetarian meals per day

transportation to and from airport

all transportation during retreat

 all activities & boat rides

sananga & rapè sessions

complimentary travel agent assistance.



Standard Package:







Balances due 1 week prior to departure. 

Your spot is CONFIRMED after your deposit has been made.

Afterwards we will send you our travel agent info and you can begin to make your travel arrangements. 

ALL deposits are 50% refundable, 50%non-refundable


Please send all deposits electronically through paypal to or venmo Alanna-Collins@ Alanna-Collins-1 



Traveling to this region of Brazil can be a complex journey because there are usually at least 2-3 flight changes before you arrive in Cruzeiro do Sul.

To make this easier, we are including COMPLIMENTARY TRAVEL AGENT ARRANGEMENT as part of the retreat package. You will work one-on-one with our group travel agent to pick the best itinerary for you. You can then complete payment of your ticket through our travel agent. This information will be given to each person who reserves a space for this retreat. 

The closest airport is Cruzeiro do Sul, located in Acre, Brazil.  It is your choice how you fly from the U.S.A. Some people prefer to break up the travel journey and others prefer to go straight through. 

ARRIVAL: Thursday August 4th to CZL airport at 1230pm 

DEPARTURE: Wednesday August 17th at 01:05pm departing CZS 



**A COVID19 negative test less than 72hrs for PCR and less than 24hrs for rapid test, from the exact time of your departure is currently required to enter Brazil and the USA. Departure from Brazil COVID testing will need to be completed in Brasilia upon your return to the States.

**COVID vaccination card- please contact us directly if you have questions or concerns about this requirement

**Health Declaration Form-filled out 24hrs before departure for Brazil 



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