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Rapé Medicine

General Info:

Rapé, pronouced (Hapé by Brazilians and with a rolled R by Spanish speakers) is a tobacco snuff used in ceremonial rituals for healing, grounding, and gives a deeper connection to spirit. Using tobacco in the form of snuff is one of the most ancient ways of working with the tobacco plant. It is an amazing medicine with many purposes and various benefits. During ceremony, it can help us to connect to our bodies, feel the earth beneath us, and remember to breath. It helps to silence the mind and brings a sensation of peace and relaxation. In indigenous villages, the leaders often take Rapé when they are having important discussions, making business arrangements, and having community meetings, to seal the energetic exchanges. This is in addition to their use during rituals and ceremonies.  Receiving Rapé is a form of energetic exchange 








How it is made: 


The fresh tobacco leaves are first dried in the sun, then pummeled with a large metal hammer, and lastly mixed with a specific type of ash from the burned bark of the Tsunu Tree. The tobacco and ash are then sifted together using a fine cloth over top of a larger container, making a very fine powder free of debris and dirt. This is the traditional way of making Rapé, but many medicine men and women have their own style of preparation and particular herbs they add for increased benefits. 

What about tobacco addiction?

Receiving Rapé can be deeply healing for anyone who has previously suffered with tobacco addition. It provides a way to reestablish a respectful healthy relationship with the tobacco plant. Some people will begin a personal practice with Rapé as they transition from smoking cigarettes. There are mixed opinions about this subject, but ultimately, each person will come to a point where they need to confront their addiction and root causes of the issue. 












**Available for purchase by experienced practitioners, please contact me directly for details**

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