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Women's Empowerment 


INSPIRATION: How can we inspire each other? When am I the most inspired? How can my example and actions inspire others? 

EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS: How can we continuously expand our awareness? What tools do we have available to us? What does it mean to be "conscious"? 

CHARITY/SERVICE: How can I be of service? How can I give back? What do I truly WANT to give? 

HEALING: What do I need to heal? Where and when do I feel pain? What type of healing am I seeking? 

EMPOWERMENT: How can we empower one another? How can I empower you? When do I feel the most empowered to take action? 

LOVE How can I increase my capacity for love? Unconditional love is the highest spiritual practice. This is the golden rule, the simplest and simultaneously one of the most challenging virtues to perfect. 


                     Full Moon Goddess Gatherings

Join us for a women's healing circle every full moon in the D.C/Virginia area. We have an open sharing, silent meditation, intention setting, offering of indigenous Brazilian medicines (Rapé & Sananga), sacred fire, vegan potluck, and live music. This is a unique opportunity to connect with other women on a spiritual path, receive support, and build community. 

A reporter included this gathering in an article published in the Seekers edition of the Washington Post Magazine talking about women and modern spirituality. Check out the link below to view the full essay.



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